Goldprint Audio

Pre-Owned Gear --

1) Aerial Acoustics 7T -- (Consignment) Rosewood finish, like new! Shipping boxes/manual/grills/spikes included, only 1.5 years old!  Original MSRP $11,000......$6998

2) Esoteric X03SE -- silver faceplate, all shipping boxes, remote and manual, fantastic condition and built like a tank!

3) Bel Canto uLink -- USB converter  $99

4) Veloce Lithio SAETTA mono block amps -- like new!  original shipping boxes with power supply, These amps have incredible build quality and sound amazing!  Huge savings over new cost!!!!

5) Rogue RP5 -- very nice unit!  fantastic sounding preamp!

6) Focal Utopia Diablo III -- amazing condition!  One owner speakers,  Black Lacquer finish, original shipping boxes

7) Parasound Zphono XRM -- very nice, low hour unit, like new!

8) Focal 918 Signature -- floor standers, Very nice pair with shipping boxes and spikes.  $950 (originally $4000 when new!), local pick-up preferred.

9) Bryston BCD-3 -- Nice, low use cd player. Silver faceplate.  Sounds fantastic!  Boxes and manual included!

10) Antique Sound Lab AQ-1003DT -- EL34 based integrated, very nice condition, 2 sets of tubes (new production Mullard and Svetlana EL34, JJ and EH 12au7), no boxes so local pickup only please, great price point for a secondary setup or beginner tube system!!

11) Joseph Audio Pulsars -- cherry finish, nice speakers!!  (these are incoming)

Special Demo Units for Sale--

- Lots of demos here!  Email or Call for specifics and demo deals.