Goldprint Audio

Pre-Owned Gear --

1) JL Audio Fathom F113v2 -- We have 2 of these!  Like new!  Big discount on pricing over new!  Boxes and all accessories included.    Local pickup preferred due to size/weight.  $2300 each!

2) Joseph Audio Prism -- Great bookshelves!  Black finish.  One owner pair that we sold new.  Box and grills.

3) Esoteric X03SE -- silver faceplate, all shipping boxes, remote and manual, fantastic condition and built like a tank!  $1998 

4) Rega Saturn-R -- open box!  Brand new at a Great price!

5) Marantz Model 30 Integrated -- open box, brand new with full warranty! 

6) Antique Sound Lab AQ-1003DT -- EL34 based integrated, very nice condition, 2 sets of tubes (new production Mullard and Svetlana EL34, JJ and EH 12au7), no boxes so local pickup only please, great price point for a secondary setup or beginner tube system!!  $400

7) Proac D48R -- Fantastic Ebony finish.  In excellent condition with boxes.  Local pick up only please.  Big savings $$$$ over new!! (these are incoming)

8) DeVore Gibbon 3xl --  Preowned B stock pair in cherry finish.  Original boxes.   Great price over new! (incoming) 

9) KEF LS50 Wireless -- Nice speakers with box and manual.  White finish.

10) Oppo 83SE with Modwright and Nuforce upgrades!  Box,, manual and remote.

11) Audeze LCD-3 w/ Fazor -- original box.  great condition.


Special Demo Units for Sale--

- Lots of demos here!  Email or Call for specifics and demo deals.