Goldprint Audio

Pre-Owned Gear --

1) Joseph Audio Profiles -- Fantastic mid-size floorstanders, red, very nice condition!

2) Sugden A21 Integrated -- Very nice A21, Class A integrated, silver, original shipping box and remote!

3) DeVore Gibbon 88 -- Mink, Excellent condition!  Sold new here right at a year ago.  (incoming--likely late late April time frame)

4) VPI Aries 2 with Benz ACE LS cartridge -- Consignment.....Selling for a good customer.  In amazing condition!  Benz ACE included with table.  Owner's manual and two belts.  Great price on a killer table!  No box so local pickup only please (or we could obtain a new box from VPI)

5) Bel Canto REF500s amp -- very nice one owner amp that we sold new!  (this item is incoming)

6) Line Magnetic LM126ia integrated -- Limited Edtion 100 units worldwide!  KT66 power tubes, an amazing integrated!  Due to size and weight local pickup only please.

7) Line Magnetic 211ia -- hammertone silver, EL34 tubes, amazing integrated amp at a fantastic price point!

8) Bel Canto REFLink -- USB asynch convertor, like new!

SVS SB13 Ultra -- One owner sub, our customer traded in for new SB16 subs

10) KEF LS50 -- limited edition Frosted Black/blue drivers, this an unopened/used pair that we did not originally sell, new in box but considered used, thus no factory warranty....Great price on an unused pair!!!

11) Nuprime DAC10 -- nice, lost cast DAC/pre, black faceplate, really a nice sounding unit!

12) Rogue Cronus Magnum II -- Nice one owner that we sold new,  (incoming...waiting on the customer's new integrated to be built)

13) Antique Sound Lab AQ-1003DT -- EL34 based integrated, very nice condition, 2 sets of tubes (new production Mullard and Svetlana EL34, JJ and EH 12au7), no boxes so local pickup only please, great price point for a secondary setup or beginner tube system!!

14) Cary CAI 1 -- Solid state integrated amp, great price and very nice unit!

Special Demo Units for Sale--

- Lots of demos here!  Email or Call for specifics and demo deals.