Goldprint Audio

Pre-Owned Gear --

1) Cary Audio SLI80 -- black faceplate, nice unit!

2) SVS SB13 Ultra (2 total) -- One owner subs our customer just traded in for the new SB16's

3) Tannoy XT6F -- Walnut, great condition!! We sold these new and the customer just moved up to the XT8F's. 

4) Audio Magic Excalibur II Digital coax cable

5) DeVore Fidelity 0-96 -- fantastic speakers!  one owner pair in amazing condition! (these are incoming and will be here in about 2 weeks)

6) Manley Labs NeoClassic SE/PP 300b amps -- very nice condition! one owner, set or push pull 300b amps!

7) VPI Aries 3 -- with periphery ring, hrx clamp, 12" metal arm and 12" 3DR arm!!!

8) Line Magnetic 211ia -- extremely nice one owner tube integrated amp! 

Special Demo Units for Sale--

- Lots of demos here!  Email or Call for specifics and demo deals.